It takes less than seven seconds to make a positive or negative first impression. Whether you like it or not, your first impression is based 80% on how you look and only 20% on what you say and how you sound. What you wear, the styles, fabrics and colors you choose, your hairstyle, and the way you carry yourself all reflect on who you are. What does your image say about you?

Personal Styling


The Trendsetter

This package is our version of a “mini makeover” for your wardrobe. We will style you using pieces directly from your closet. You will learn how to expand your wardrobe by creating new looks with the pieces you already own.

The Fashionista

This package is for the woman that is bored with her look and wants to enhance her personal style. We will begin by assessing your wardrobe and identifying your “Signature Style”. We will then accompany you on a shopping excursion to select a mixture of classic and modern pieces to complete your wardrobe. You’ll learn how to maximize the clothes you already own, and key tips for shopping for yourself.

Pink Carpet

The Pink Carpet Package is our version of the “ultimate red carpet treatment”. This package is designed for the woman who struggles to define her personal style, as well as the ultimate fashionista who is short on time but not on style. This package includes a complete wardrobe assessment, closet purge and removal, two personal shopping excursions, and two styling sessions. The Pink Carpet Package also includes our exclusive “Pure Elegance Style Dossier”, which is a personalized handbook that outlines the best combination of looks that we have created for you including shoes and accessories. You will also receive 3 quarterly wardrobe and closet assessments to keep your wardrobe updated.


Personal Shopping

Personal shopping is a customized experience for those clients who feel they need more coaching and direction. It is also a convenience to those who are very busy and lack the time to keep up with their wardrobe.


Personal Shopping with Client

We shop with you, teaching you where to go for the most relevant fashion items for your body type, lifestyle, and career needs.  We shop selectively focusing on choosing the best styles, and paying attention to your budgetary concerns.

Personal Shopping for Client

No time to shop?  We can shop for you, allowing you to use your valuable time to pursue other tasks. Whether you’re getting ready for a special event, traveling, refreshing your wardrobe or searching for the perfect gift, Pure Elegance can help you save time, making your life simpler.


Closet Styling


Are you wasting time in the morning staring at a closet full of clothes feeling like you have absolutely nothing to wear?

Are you the kind of shopper who loves a sale and will buy clothing that you will never wear?

Is your closet a complete mess because you don’t have the time or organizational skills to keep it neat?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, then Pure Elegance is what you’ve been waiting for.


Freelance Styling Services are also available

All rates are subject to consultation.