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How much does platos closet pay you?

I have A TON of Hollister,Aero,Abercombie,ect shirts,hoodies,tanks,and jeans. I really want to sell them because my likes and styles have changed and I dont want to make an Ebay action. So to anyone who has sold to Platos closet before, how much do they pay you for things? I just want to get good money because there is $200+ worth of clothes and i want money to buy skinny jeands and such. Thanks!


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2 thoughts on “How much does platos closet pay you?
  • Maria W says:

    they pay you about half as much as they sell it for. so go into the store and look at prices of clothes that look like yours you can expect to get half of that.

  • hollywood<333 says:

    Very little, unfortunately. They paid me $2.50 for a $35 hollister polo. They sold it for about $7.50. You’ll probably get $20 for $200 worth of clothes, depending on the quality.

    They refuse to buy ripped and torn clothes, or even slightly damaged items. Your best bet is to donate the clothes. Your parents will get the $200 deducted from their taxes and maybe you can ask them for half of that money. Everybody’s happy, and you make plenty for new jeans!

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