Tammy Williams began helping friends, family, and colleagues with wardrobe consulting more than 15 years ago. She did this while also building a management career in the corporate world. While holding several management positions both corporate and non-profit sectors, she realized that the business skills that she garnered over her career and her knowledge of fashion could provide a real benefit to others seeking to define their own personal style.

Every since her early teens, Tammy has focused her attention on creating and wearing fashion-forward ensembles. After enrolling in modeling classes, she became focused on fashion trends and developing her own personal style. Tammy earned a degree in Fashion Merchandising and a certification in Professional Modeling from Bauder Fashion College in Atlanta, GA. While attending school in Atlanta, she walked the runways of fashion shows for up and coming fashion designers at the Atlanta Apparel Mart.  As a model, she was able to experience the fashion world from behind the scenes and was able to see how designers put together different ensembles.

Not only does Tammy have a love for fashion, but also for creating stylish events. She received certification in special events and has designed and managed many social events, parties, and fundraisers. One of her signature events is “Laughter Is Good for the Soul” in honor of women’s history month. This event included sponsors such as MAC Cosmetics, SCCADVASA (South Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault), DHEC (Department of Health and Environmental Control), several local beauty salons, boutiques, and many more. She’s also created Personal Development programs for those dealing with self-esteem and body image issues. These programs have been offered as enrichment activities for youth organizations and after school programs.

As your Personal Stylist, Tammy Williams will continue to pursue and achieve her ambitions of improving one fashion victim at a time.

Industry Associations and Networks

Fashion Industry Association

Stage 32 (Network for Film, TV, and Theater Creatives)

South Carolina Film Commission